Welcome, my name is Craig…

Isn’t it a bit tricky writing about yourself? Depending on how you arrived on this site might shape what you actually want to know about me, so I suggest probably not reading anymore and go straight to a section you are interested in!

Still reading? Ok, lets give this a go…

..I’m Craig and I’m a Scot living in England married with 4 kids.  I haven’t figured out yet if living in England is more horrific  than having 4 kids…JOKES. I’m employed as a Digital Insight and Analytics manager for an energy company (but don’t hold that against me) but my background is in all sorts of data and analytics. Part of what I would like to do with this site is share some of my views on Data Analysis, tools and methods as well as hopefully learning from you.

In those rare moments of free time then you will often find me out on my bike or inside playing boardgames and playing RPGs (mainly D&D5e). I’ve a wonderful D&D group which has been going strong for a few years now. I mainly DM but recently have started playing. I’m hoping to share some of my tips, tricks and adventures with you all as well as looking to stock some nice RPG products.

You can find out more on the links below, but I hope you enjoy my site.  If you do, please share, feedback and come back!

me, sort of